Where do I start?!
Kelli is probably the most amazing woman in my life, aside from my mother and grandmother. šŸ˜‰ She has been a WEALTH of knowledge and has helped me completely turn my skin around in several ways. Between her amazing facials, the organic Eminence products that they use/sell at this spa, and my new home care regimen with these products, I’m now ecstatic with my skin!Ā  =)Ā Ā  You can SERIOUSLY see a difference immediately after the facial. I’ve had several facials in my lifetime, and always bounced around with various coupons…never finding a place that really kept me. I did find one, but the woman moved, which was probably a blessing in disguise, because now I’ve found Kelli! She will forever have my business. She uses a unique holistic face mapping practice, and can read what you have issues with just from your breakouts, and she’s right! She had all my issues pegged before I even told her. ha! Anyway, she’s just plain amazing. She has a calming presence, is very sweet, she knows her stuff, and I’m convinced she can make every customer that walks in this door ecstatic.


Bridget G.

Kelli is the one who proved me the wonders of facials šŸ™‚ I wasn’t sure how much of rejuvenation my skin would get after it,Ā  because I thought I’ve always done all I couldĀ with my sensitive skin. But Eminence Products in Kelli’sĀ hands saved my skin! I haveĀ sensitive perplexed skin in Chicago winter, and my first Chicago winter was when I started to see Kelli.Ā  I am using Eminence Sweet Red Rose series since my first visit. After 3 years, I amĀ very happy. I never have any irritation and my redness disappears after her facials and her products. Recently I evenĀ discovered her magic with organic wax, (only my upper lip right now)Ā and I left hardly even pink and hairless.Ā Kelli is really good atĀ all she does and cares deeply about your skin’s needs. Always a pleasure to get facials from her, and the waxes are necessary.Ā I wish I could affordĀ  to see her more than once a month! šŸ™‚


Oya K.

Kelli was Amazing! Best facial!
I am sold on only going to Kelli as she left me feeling amazing and full of knowledge. Ā She discussed nutrition, products, sunscreen, and tips on anti-aging and overall skin health. She was accommodating (we were late and she was so sweet about it!) and worked her schedule around ours.
Best experience, I’d highly recommend her for a facial in Chicago! Can’t wait to go back!


Jennifer R.

Kelli gives the best facial in the city! I live in the neighborhood and when Soulistic opened, I was ecstatic to have a spa/yoga/pilates studio so close to home…but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing it was going to be! After my first, my mother-in-law and BOTH commented it was the best facial we have ever had…so yesterday, I had to try it again just to be sure…and Kelli didn’t disappoint. Aside from the best, most relaxing facial and upper body massage you will ever get, Kelli really listens and picks products for your skin type! The room is comfortable, it is quiet, the all-organic products are excellent and the steam room/sauna are an added bonus pre-or-post service! I have been to every fancy spa in Chicago and beyond (including the Peninsula and Kiva) and this, by far, is the best facial I have ever had!


Jennifer B.

This weather and the accumulation of years has done nothing to make me look younger, fresher, fiercer or more fabulous.
Instead, more like drier, crankier, tired, and…old.
I’ve found that a facial can surely do the trick when I start looking a bit haggard. A bit of TLC for the ol’ visage…and wam, bam, you’re back in youthful lookin’ business!
I quickly snapped up a Hot on Yelp deal for Soulistic…$60 for a $120 facial with Eminence products!? Hell yes. And for those not in the know (I was not) Eminence is a line from Hungary made with all active, pure ingredients.
First off, Kelli is….a joy. She’s young, sweet, energetic and passionate. At first I thought…Oh my, she looks so….young. Well, ya know what Colleen…there is maybe a reason for that. Because she drinks enough water, not so much caffeine and uses these Hungarian products all the time so she looks fantastic. And, she is experienced, calming, sweet and professional. A million thumbs up, I’m a huge fan of Kelli.
My facial was an hour-long face bliss trip complete with masking, exfoliating, extractions, hydrating and cleansing. Steam for good measure! Deep breathing to relax! Wonderful setting and great staff. Would I return? I’m already planning on it.


Colleen C.