Everly Signature Facials

Our signature treatments are unique, they align ancient massage with medicinal products that heal and restore. Our organic products are all hand picked from nature utilizing the most potent active ingredients that impart health and beauty to your skin. The products are all handmade and delivered to your skin from Hungary - a land blessed with fruits, vegetables and herbs that draw their succulence from the soil and thermal hot springs of the Carpathian basin long known for being rich in minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth.

30 minute treatments are mini-facials. They do not include massage or extractions. All 60 minute protocols include neck, declote’ and shoulder massage, along with your numerous customized masks and serums. 90 minute protocols are recommended due to the time allowed for product absorption and the extra upper body massage time included.

THE EVERLY RADIANCE |30 minutes $69| 60 minutes $99-$124 | 90 minutes $155 | All Skin Types

Custom tailored for both men and women, this facial reveals your inner radiance. A fresh wind of oxygen restores health and vitality, leaving behind all the stress. The customized selection of vitamin infused ingredients address a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, and sensitivity.

Everly Specialty Facials

SEASONAL DETOX | 90 minutes | $135 | All Skin Types (except sensitive)

Rebalance your skin this season. This advanced treatment features the regenerative properties of an enzyme peel built into an entire facial using this season’s harvest. The facial incorporates lymphatic drainage massage techniques to help eliminate metabolic waste, bacteria and excess fluid. It feels luxurious but acts powerfully, instantly exfoliating, firming and improving skin's tone and texture.

ULTIMATE LIFT | 45 or 75 Minutes | $125-$155 | All skin types fighting gravity

Incorporates technology and nature to reveal youthful looking skin. This treatment incorporates an oxygen enzyme peel; infused with an LED light therapy, which reveals a lifting and firming look you’ll never forget. Active ingredients in a specialized mask and serum with age-erasing antioxidant power enhance the benefits of this treatment. Three enhancements are included in this specialty facial making it the best value on the menu.

ACNE VANISH |45 or 75 minutes | $110-$140 | Acne & imbalanced skin types

Say goodbye to problem skin and hello to a radiantly clear complexion with clarifying and calming ingredients. Stimulating Hungarian Paprika strengthens the skin by encouraging nutrient absorption. Cooling parsley and cucumber clarify imbalanced skin. Your skin will glow with new-found confidence in no time.

Add LED light therapy to prolong clear skin results.

ROYAL NOURISMENT | 60 or 90 minutes | $99-$135 | All sensitive types

Even the most delicately sensitive skin will love this nurturing gentle facial. Your skin will soak up benefits of Neem, known in India as the "pharmacy tree." In addition, soothing fruits and vegetables will calm and ease your delicate skin; leaving it moisturized and rejuvenated.