Kelli Komar

  • Licensed Esthetician by the State of Illinois
  • Master Holistic Esthetician
  • Peel Certified
  • Ingredient Educator
  • Laser Technician


“I became fascinated by the skin after dealing with my own imbalances, and learning that my outer skin was a reflection of my inner health. I learned how to nourish my skin in early motherhood, and found that nurturing myself was of great importance for my child. Skincare is my passion. I was placed on Earth to inspire others to find inner balance resulting in outer beauty, and am always ready to share that joyful journey with them.”
-Kelli Komar

Kelli has had the pleasure of helping her clients look and feel healthy since 2007. Face mapping and Ayurvedic knowledge enhances Kelli’s ability to analyze the skin and get to the root of skin concerns. Kelli helps guide clients through lifestyle practices that yield results that last a lifetime.

Kelli Komar’s education consists of master esthetics courses, including medical esthetics, which led her to the holistic philosophy. She has a specialization in Hungarian active ingredients and trained in advanced massage techniques that leave you rejuvenated.

Kelli is also a waxing specialist, resulting in efficient, painless hair removal. She has high standards in using organic waxing products. The certified organic sugar wax and plant-based hard waxes used are efficient for flawless skin.

Her reviews are exceptional and clients frequently walk away saying, “that was the best facial I have ever had” and “Kelli gives the best wax in the city”.

A warm personality such as hers enlightens people, and clients appreciate her ability to connect with them.